How to Craft a Viral and Profitable Instagram Post?

Even in 2016, which was ancient in terms of technology, 95 million photos and videos were shared to Instagram every day. The number of users and the volume of content on this social network have both increased dramatically in recent years. Increases in both competition and the expectations of users for high-quality content are driving up production costs and lowering profit margins.

Everyone wants to be seen, so we compiled the best advice we could find on how to craft a compelling and engaging Instagram post.

Choose an Appropriate Subject

But how does one even begin to compose an Instagram post? The correct answer is “yes,” and the way to do so is through free-form subject choice. If you’re running a business, it probably already defines the focus of your profile; all you need to do is zero in on a subset of that. There is a requirement that each post must focus on a single topic; you cannot discuss many issues at once.

This brings up a second and crucial point. Your post’s topic needs to be relevant if you want to obtain publicity and a positive response from your audience. Also, you must relate this issue to your industry. Just where can I look for this trending subject? The ideal strategy is to locate a topic on a website like Quora or Reddit that has no existing answer and then provide one.

Make Everything Appear Nice

Instagram posts mostly consist of images. Instagram’s existence would be meaningless without appealing visual content. Although if Stories and IGTV have recently gained traction, it is not the topic at hand.

As a result, the visuals account for over 90% of the overall impact of your message. It’s been known for a long time that the bulk of us learn best through visuals. In other words, the initial visual impact of your article and the accompanying image will determine whether or not it gets read.

It should go without saying that stock photography is useless. Several of them have been downloaded and used so much that people no longer even bother with them. If you didn’t take the time to make a special image for your article and instead just downloaded one, no one would find it very fascinating.

Consequently, you have a few options regarding how to proceed here. Taking a picture of yourself in a setting relevant to the post’s subject is a good idea if you’re trying to build your own brand. A high-quality photo of the advertised product is a must for any marketing campaign. To accompany your funny or informative writing, you may use Canva or another similar site to make a killer graphic.

Verify If Your Message Offers Something of Value or Fun

Only if this is your personal Instagram page and you are just sharing the news with your friends should you write about what you are thinking, feeling, or observing in the moment. But, this strategy won’t help you if your Instagram goal is to boost sales. Hundreds of thousands of your rivals are probably doing the same thing you are, pondering what to write to make the post effective, because Instagram is a surprisingly welcoming medium for advertising your brand.
Consequently, the advantage is the most crucial part of your content. Or, at the very least, some sort of fun or amusement. In order to trap users, you may employ any of these two techniques. Ask yourself what problem your article will solve, or if your audience would like this type of amusement content, before you start writing. If you said “yes,” then it’s time to proceed.

Avoid Clich├ęs and Stock Phrases While Writing

We’ll be frank: platitudes like “team of pros,” “high-quality service,” and “quick delivery” have worn thin with users for a very long time. It’s great that you’ve got all this information, and it’s even better if it’s all about your firm, but you’re not going to convince a modern user with this.

Hence, if you’re going to write about quality, make sure to back it up with solid evidence. If you’re going to make a claim about professionalism in your writing, back it up with numbers. Words without evidence are worthless mush at this point, much like water or useless information. It goes without saying that if you publish multiple posts in a row that are all very similar, your readers will lose interest.

Repeatedly check for correct grammar and punctuation

Users sometimes mistakenly assume that proper syntax, punctuation, and reasoning are reserved for the academic papers we produced in college, despite the widespread belief that the Internet is a rule-free zone. They’re completely wrong about it. A tried-and-true formula for success on the Internet and particularly on social networks is a well-written, well-researched article (which, sure, according to the best academic norms does have an introduction, a body, and an ending).

Thus, when you have finished reading the text the first time, read it again. Turn on a specialist plugin like Grammarly to find even more problems, even in the free tariff, if you’re worried about missing anything. The easiest method to do this is to reread your post’s text with a new perspective a few hours after you’ve finished writing it.

Generating Useful Hashtags

You can’t promote a post on Instagram without using hashtags. Hashtags aren’t strictly necessary on Linkedin or Facebook, but Instagram has made it clear that they’re expected of users. It’s also crucial to get this right the first time.
Make sure to think about the best hashtags to use before you post. Posts that include selling, viral, and geographical hashtags, as well as hashtags that are directly relevant to your company and utilised at varying frequencies, tend to perform better. Create an Inspiring Call-to-Action