Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Reels

In August of 2020, Instagram introduced a brand new feature called Instagram Reels. It’s a major rival to the popular video-sharing app TikTok. Instagram Stories, the main Instagram feed, and the Explore feed are all places where creators’ 15-second Reels films may be viewed. In 2018, with the purchase of rival video site Musica.ly, TikTok burst onto the social media arena. Users of both Vine and Musica.ly posted short, entertaining videos, usually to music.

How Instagram Reels Are Created

The Instagram Reels feed has vertical videos that are just 15 seconds long. Similar like TikTok, users may browse the stream to discover videos from other people. They’re tailored to reflect your preferences and the sorts of material with which you often engage on Instagram. You may post your Reels to the Stories stream, the main feed, or the Reels feed. Regrettably, Reels posted to Instagram Stories may only be accessed through the Stories stream.

A Guide to Locating Instagram Videos

The Instagram Reels feed is categorised under Explore. When you open the search bar by clicking the magnifying glass, the first result will be a highlighted Reel. If you click on the video, Instagram’s Reels feed will launch. Simply peruse, investigate, and interact with the material that interests you from then on out. The next step is to find resources for creating your own Reels. Click the blue + symbol on your profile icon (much like you would to add an Instagram Story) to access the Reels maker.

Making Your Own Instagram Highlight Videos

When the Stories window loads, scroll down to the bottom of the display. Live, Story, and Reels are the three tabs that appear. To access the Reel maker, select the corresponding link. A “Get Started With Reels” screen will appear if you have never created a Reel before. To continue, select the Get Started button.
There are several similarities between Instagram Stories and the Reels screen while you’re within it. In addition to the Record button, you can also customise your films by adding music, adjusting the playback speed, applying special effects, and scheduling the videos to play automatically.

Instagram Stories with Music

Then, decide whatever video effect best suits your needs. Instagram offers a wide variety of customization options; try out as many as you like! The best time to add music to your video is before you start filming. Select the desired audio clip by clicking the Music tab.
You may record your video with the music playing in the background. You may always go back and change the soundtrack before publishing if the video you selected isn’t quite what you had hoped for.

Transform Your Videos Using Special Effects

Select any supplementary effects that you would like to use after that. Do you wish to customise your screen with words, stickers, GIFs, or drawings? The time is now to get it done. If you’d want to end your Reel, just tap the white arrow button in the screen’s rightmost corner. You’re now at the Share page.

Share Your Demo Reel

Here is where you’ll decide where your Reel will be published. Right now, these are your options:

  • Post Exclusively on Reels
  • Share your work on Reels and your regular feed.
  • Only Instagram Stories will be pushed

Feeding on Reels vs. Regular Feed

Unless you switch this switch on after publishing your Reel, your video will not appear in the main stream. Keep in mind that if you share a video from Instagram Reels to your regular feed, it will be trimmed. Unlike the full-screen Reels stream, your whole video will not shown here. Once your film has been uploaded to Reels, a new Reels tab will appear in your Instagram profile.

Using Instagram Reels to Promote Your Brand and Drive More Engagement

Instagram Reels is a great way to get your business out there and interact with existing and new customers. Here are a handful of Reels’ many potential benefits to attracting new customers.

Exhibit Latest Innovations

Instagram Reels may be used effectively to showcase new items. If you want to make a big impression on your audience in just a few seconds, the short, snappy video format is ideal. Sephora is a fantastic example of a company that uses Reels to showcase new items. In this video, the company showcases three new shades of eyeshadow.

Instruct Your Audience

Put something you think your followers should know up and centre in your Reel. This might be an amusing fact about your company or industry, a helpful piece of advice they can use right now, your thoughts on an important societal problem, or anything else you feel like sharing. Make sure it fits with your own brand and you’ll be set to go.

Publicise Your Company

Brands, goods, and relevant services may all benefit from being featured in promotional reels. Enjoy this lighthearted tribute to Burger King’s iconic menu items and other branded souvenirs with this Reel.

Give a Taste of What’s to Come

Instagram Reels are a great way to give your audience a preview of upcoming content if you’re a creator. It might be anything from a piece of music to a finished product. Use that time to provide your audience a glimpse of whatever it is you’ve chosen to highlight. Netflix’s Reels are intended to build anticipation for new episodes of popular series.

To Sum Up

Instagram Reels is a powerful new feature within the app. It has the potential to aid marketers and companies in gaining a wider audience and more active participation with their content. Short-form videos on Reels, much like those on TikTok, are most successful when they are witty, engaging, and entertaining.