Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Insights

How can you gauge the success of your Instagram advertising campaign? Which types of posts go well with your readers? Who exactly is it that is interested in what you have to offer?

Knowing how your content is doing and the sorts of material that people best react and engage with requires an understanding of the criteria and reasons behind Instagram analytics.

The total number of Instagram users who log in at least once every month will hit an astounding 875.5 million by 2022. The social media platform has updated the Insights section of company and creative profiles in an effort to keep up with its rapid expansion and the rising demand from advertisers for additional information.

These additional indicators, when combined with Instagram’s traditional ones, will greatly enhance your ability to make informed judgements about what to publish and how to improve your strategy.

The value of monitoring Instagram statistics

You’re probably already taking use of Instagram’s marketing potential for your company. Paying close attention to statistics is essential if you want to maintain organic growth as the social media network becomes increasingly crowded with users, companies, and content providers.

There have been several iterations of Instagram’s statistics interface. In order to maximise Instagram’s unquestionable potential, you need to know how to keep up with these developments and analyse fresh Instagram data in real time to learn what content performs best and alter your marketing strategies.

When it comes to Instagram data, what’s new?

Since its first release in May 2021, Instagram has made improvements to its Accounts Reached statistics, providing greater insight into the audience you’re targeting (followers vs. non-followers) and the content formats that are generating the greatest results for your profile.

You can now get more detailed information about your content’s reach and the number of people who are engaging with it thanks to three new metrics:

  • The number of accounts that have interacted with your Instagram posts over time may be determined by looking at this measure.
  • Users that interact with your account and content are counted as part of your engaged audience, and their demographic information (location, country, age range, and gender) is collected and analysed.
  • Audience Reached is a measure that tells you how many people you’ve communicated with and in what locations, nations, ages, and genders.
  • Instagram also said that these additional demographic information will be added into the data, giving you a fuller picture of who was reached and how by your various IG posts.
  • How to Use Instagram Insights: Learn the Basic Metrics

If you’re using the most recent version of Instagram, you’ll locate your Insights by pressing the menu symbol in the upper right corner of your profile. To get aggregate metrics for your company profile, use the “Insights” menu option.
The app’s Insights tab provides data visualisations for the following:

  • The three key components of Instagram Insights are the audience, the interactions, and the reach. Insights like your overall number of followers, the number of accounts you’ve engaged with, and the material you’ve shared are shown here.
  • Stats on the amount of posts, articles, reels, videos, and live videos you made between the chosen date range and the present day.

Here’s a deeper dive into each of these and how they pertain to expanding your Instagram following.


The primary area of Instagram Insights is the Overview section. The key metrics for the most recent 7, 14, 30, or 90 days will be made available to you. The next section contains further in-depth statistics that may be accessed by clicking on any of these three primary indicators.
The number of people who have watched one or more of your posts, articles, videos, reels, or live videos (including promotional content).

Interactions with Content – The total number of times your content (including promotional content) has been viewed by individual accounts. Posts, tales, reels, movies, and live videos are all examples of content. Actions like liking, saving, commenting, sharing, and replying all count as interactions.
The sum of all of your Instagram followers is displayed here.

Obtaining Clientele

You may see some summary data on your content’s reach over the previous 90 days under the Reach page.

The amount of different users who have encountered your material is also a factor in determining its success. Instagram notes that this measure is approximative and still being worked on.

A post’s reach is the total number of people who have seen it, including those who only saw it through paid promotion. Posts, tales, reels, movies, and live videos are all examples of content. It’s important to distinguish between reach and impressions, as the latter might encompass numerous views of your content by the same users.
Number of people who have seen your material, including both followers and non-followers.
material Reception – This data tells you how far your material has travelled and what people have viewed most of it.
Posts that have attracted the most attention from other users are displayed in the “Top Posts” section. All of your comments from the past two years will be displayed if you click the “See All” button.
Number of unique users who have encountered your material and ranked by how well it performed. The most popular articles will always be displayed, but you may customise the list based on the actions taken by the audience and the time frame.
The number of times your material was viewed by an audience, whether organically or through promotion, within the chosen time period; also known as “impressions.”
Insights into Profile Activity track how often and in what ways users interact with your profile. The number of times a user has tapped a button to access a feature (such as a profile, website, phone number, email, or SMS) is counted.