How To Use Visuals In 4 Simple Ways For Your Brand

Anyone with half a brain can see the marketing potential in a network like Instagram. And it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how to increase your Instagram followers with genuine people. While it’s true that 500 million unique visitors utilise the site every month, there’s more to the brand interest in the visually-focused publication than just readership.

It’s how you feel that matters.

Instagram, more than any other social network, gives businesses like yours a short-form, visually exciting platform through which to start establishing relationships with potential clients using one of the most powerful emotional influences.

Whether you’re trying to connect with a friend, family member, or potential customer, telling a story is an easy way to strike an emotional chord and make them feel like they’re a part of something greater than themselves.

Simply said, readers identify with the characters in fiction.

Although your primary goal as a business is to increase profits, you can also achieve your goals by appealing to your customers’ emotions by making your ideal customer the protagonist of your brand’s tale.

Sure, it’s a good idea to offer people a “behind-the-scenes” peek at how your business functions, but there’s definitely more than one way to tell your company’s story and, in doing so, learn how to gain more actual followers on Instagram — here, you’ll find the four most successful ways to do so:

Recognise the Foundations on Which Your Company Stands

History is basically one big tale, and it’s a good one, despite what you may have learned in high school or college.

The tale (or history) of how your firm came to be will be more than enough to captivate potential buyers with the correct audience in place, even if not every episode in history is particularly interesting.

Recognise and reward your most devoted “brand fans”

Everyone enjoys a pat on the back once in a while, right?

Of course you want as much positive publicity as possible for your company, and your fans want the same thing: to be acknowledged by the businesses whose stories they’ve come to adore.

If you want to create a genuine sensation, though, you should also include pictures of them. It’s a plus if they include your products and services in their own unique ways as part of the narrative you’re presenting.

Showcase Your Offerings In Action

Although this strategy may benefit from the one that comes before it, we feel it is essential enough to include it on its own.

Instead of trying to sell a product on Instagram, try to sell a feeling.

Consider that the products or services you offer tell a significant portion of your company’s story. Give people a taste of what it’s like to have access to what you’re all about instead of bombarding them with features, special deals, and sales lingo.

Highlight a Remarkable Quote or Two

Here at Kicksta, we’ve witnessed firsthand how powerful quotations can be for increasing engagement with an Instagram account’s audience and, by extension, how to attract more genuine followers. But they do more than that; they aid in developing the core beliefs behind your brand’s backstory.

You may make this happen by inserting inspirational quotations from people you look up to into high-quality photographs. Then, if you’re able to do so, provide a lengthy caption explaining why this particular phrase serves as daily motivation for you and your company.


We’ve had our fun and said what we wanted to say.

It’s your turn to participate now that the tables have been turned. Use Instagram to share your thoughts or ask us questions on how to best portray the narrative of your business.

We look forward to seeing your submission; in the meanwhile, thanks for reading; maybe you now have a better grasp of how to attract genuine Instagram followers.