When Often To Post On Instagram To Maximize Engagement?

It’s tempting to post on Instagram when you have the most followers, but I’ve found that the optimal time is when your audience is most awake and engaged.

If writing early in the morning is most effective for you and your intended audience, there’s no reason to avoid doing so. Instagram photos and videos aren’t automatically shared to your other social media accounts. In addition, you must physically distribute them there.

The Instagram Hashtag: What’s the Deal?

Yes, they do work… though perhaps not as well as they formerly did. Since I first published this article, Instagram has altered its algorithm such that it no longer displays every hashtag you use. It’s still a good idea to use hashtags in post descriptions, but don’t count on them to attract new attention. It’s also worth noting that some hashtags seem to trend more than others in certain fields. The hashtag #fashion has around 6 million posts, whereas #fashion has over 45 million. Before getting in, it’s a good idea to conduct some homework to figure out which hashtags are appropriate for your company.

The Best Way to Communicate with Your Instagram Audience Is Through Stories

Instagram, as I mentioned before, is the social media platform that undergoes the most rapid rate of change and development. Instagram Stories are their most recent addition, and they’re revolutionary. Stories enable a higher level of engagement than we see on other platforms because of their transient nature. Instagram is used to both tell and show one’s narrative. There is less of a need for perfection because stories are deleted after 24 hours (unless the user chooses to keep them in their profile). You can take risks and act spontaneously without fear of upsetting your audience or alienating your supporters. I’ve had some of my most fruitful interactions and experienced tremendous expansion because to Instagram Stories.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Stories

The best approach to learn something new is to observe someone else performing the task successfully. Gary Vaynerchuk is the best at this, in my opinion. In his Instagram stories, he often provides exclusive content from his day as well as helpful tips and snippets of wisdom.

story can be used in a variety of strategic ways to advertise a business or a product, including using your own personal story. This is extremely useful for any company selling tangible goods or services that require clients to visit a physical place. Here’s an instance of Donuts Delight’s usage:

When your Instagram stories will display in your followers’ feeds is one of the most critical factors to consider. If you update both Facebook and Instagram at once, the Facebook post will appear at the top in reverse chronological order, while the Instagram post will be at the top in chronological order (if you update Instagram from your phone). Therefore, if you want your tale to go viral and gain a larger audience, you should upload it straight from your phone.

Six Ways That Marketers Can Benefit From Snapchat

Since its release in 2011, Snapchat has rapidly become one of the most popular social networks among college students and younger groups. Marketers, like myself (guilty), initially dismissed Snapchat as a sexting app before realising its potential in recent years, especially when combined with other channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Here are six suggestions for making the most of Snapchat in your social media advertising:

1) So as to produce interesting material When compared to Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat users would much rather watch short films than skim through their newsfeeds. They favour watching these videos even more than reading blogs or checking email. While recording video, you have the option of adding text overlay graphics that will appear when you tap the screen.

2) Advertise Your Upcoming Events Having grown up in a family with four siblings, all within five years of each other, I can attest to the need of good communication between party planners and their guests when coordinating celebrations such as birthdays. Submit an event request on their website here if you have an upcoming event that is neither too formal nor too casual to take use of Snapchat’s geo-filters feature.

3) To Improve Service to Customers Companies are finding success with Snapchat by allowing customers to chat live with support staff during business hours. This eliminates the need for customers to submit support tickets via email, which can take days to resolve. Automatic recording means customers never have to worry about being misunderstood or having to repeat themselves if they get cut off in the middle of a conversation.

4) For New Product Introductions Last year, a fascinating white paper explored how companies should tap into consumers’ natural inclination towards serendipity in order to introduce novel items. Marketers, rather than driving people into predetermined campaigns, are urged to facilitate unplanned moments of discovery. Consumers would be surprised by “swipe up links” in commercials or on packaging, which would take them to product pages where they can find out more information before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

5) For Promotional Use Behind the Scenes Snapchat has been increasingly popular among small businesses as a means of expanding their reach to customers, prospects, and employees. Snaps Incubator and The Snack Pack have both developed easy-to-implement content strategies for small businesses to expand their Snapchat following rapidly.