Instagram For Marketers:6 Surefire Ways To Succeed On Instagram Story

Instagram story is the ideal stage to lift your visual content strategy. It is a great tool to get to know and understand your audience still more deeply. One of the best features of Instagram is the Instagram story. Even, you have a variety of options to construct your Instagram story. But still, it’s a little challenging task to provide fresh and appealing content. Nearly 500 million people consume Instagram stories content. It shows people looking forward to seeing more Instagram story. Your story always meets people’s expectations; it must create boredom.

In this article, you can spot some engaging ways to use Instagram story to magnify your engagement.

Share Your DMs

You may receive lots of DMs regarding your products, brands, or any question related to your business. If you find it useful and informative, you could share it with your followers through your Instagram story. Just screenshot it, hide your follower’s username, any private conversation, then post it. By doing this, you have a chance to get an overall positive opinion of your product, service, or company.

Tell Who You Are – Give A Short Intro

Posting your real images, then posting stock, artificial photos will not help show yourself as a human. When you share more realistic pictures of yours, it will help construct strong emotion and connect more with your audience. You can keep interacting with your customers by sharing daily updates. Once a week, record yourself speaking directly to your audience and post it; you may talk about anything related to your business. Before that, give them a short intro about who you are, what’s your business. 

Use Poll Stickers 

Polls are a great option to grab instant excitement and involvement for your Instagram story. If you intend to increase audience engagement and their time, you can try polls. Audience engagement is a necessary factor to lift your account to the next position. Moreover, you can increase popularity through Instagram story views, which boost your engagement and more new audiences. Connect your followers with quick and easy questions with a maximum of 2-3 choices. It helps the audience to engage with your post just by a single click. 

Don’t Miss Out Rainbow Text.

Usually, everyone will view rainbows in the sky, which will give instant pleasure to our eyes right away. Instagram comes up with rainbow text; make use of it wisely. Using this text color, you can add extra appeal to your story. Once you type your text, select it, then press and hold on the font color. Just your thumb from left to right, then drag the cursor with selected text. While you are dragging, you can see the rainbow effect on your text. 

Get Benefited With Question Stickers 

Are you worried about making your followers connect or engage with your posts? Then the question sticker will be a perfect one. Using these stickers, you can let people any type of question about your products, services, or the way you are marketing. Ensure you are inserting answer stickers to your stories.

Promote Your Business In Multiple Ways   

On the Instagram story, you have many worthy ways to promote your outcome. You can run seasonal offers, discounts. Try hosting giveaways, contests to boost your sales. Also, it helps to give more visibility to your products or brands.

Final Thoughts 

I believe that you will benefit from these ideas. With the help of an Instagram story, you can achieve lots of stuff. You could grow your followers, gain bags of visibility to your account, and more. The only thing you need to concentrate on is planning the right way to create an Instagram story. 

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