The Top Instagram Tracking Apps Of 2023 (Story & Profile)

Stalker Apps for Instagram That Really Work in 2023

1. Glassagram

For parents concerned about their children’s safety on the internet, Glassagram is among the best Instagram stalker applications available.

This Instagram programme gives you the tools to evaluate any profile on the platform while remaining completely hidden from the owner.

Glassagram also allows you to keep track of any and all data associated with that profile.

If we’re talking about setting up Glassagram, it’s a breeze. You may get a feel for the app’s functionality without spending a dime by trying out the demo version.

To stay up-to-date with a certain Instagram profile, you may activate the function to receive updates every five minutes.

This is the most reliable strategy for keeping your loved ones secure when using social media.

Glassagram is really reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about that. Glassagram is the best Instagram stalking software available.


Because it works with both iOS and Android, uMobix is a top pick among Instagram stalking applications.

It’s fully loaded with everything you could want. uMobix can monitor activity on a wide variety of social networks, not just Instagram. Facebook and Whatsapp monitoring are also available.

When it comes to secretly monitoring your kids’ Instagram accounts, uMobix is a powerful tool. Incredible convenience is provided by this app.

Depending on your preferences, you can handle the user’s account anyway you choose. If you want to keep tabs on the Instagram stories a user uploads, uMobix is a reliable tool for doing so.

As an added bonus, uMobix also allows you to view the user’s contacts’ tales.

You have complete control over your account and may modify any and all settings, including following, unfollowing, and blocking anybody, as you see fit.

When it comes to setting up this software, you won’t have any problems. Also, it removes the possibility of an error occurring throughout the process.

This software’s surveillance skills are bolstered by the fact that the app icon may be hidden during installation.

The fact that you may get uMobix for a low cost is another one of its many outstanding features.


The eyeZy software makes it simple to keep an eye on your child’s or children’s gadget and exert parental control.

It can covertly monitor the chosen phone without raising suspicion.

If you use it for stalking purposes, you’ll have access to every bit of information Instagram has ever stored on you, from your search history to your direct messages.

EyeZy’s built-in AI prevents you from being addicted to Instagram. If the app detects that the target phone is being used, it will send you a notification.

Bank-grade encryption can be enabled by anxious parents to protect their children’s sensitive information.


The mSpy Instagram spy app is widely used because it provides a robust environment for parental control.

Its Instagram tracker feature not only enables you access the Instagram messages but also watches the shared links in the targeted phone.

Tracking is a breeze using mSpy.

If you need to monitor many devices, you may do it using mSpy’s Family Kit.

Anyone interested in learning more about this deal should contact the Insta stalker app’s customer support team.


When it comes to Instagram stalker applications, XNSPY stands out as a solid surveillance tool for keeping tabs on your kids and workers. XNSPY boasts more than 30 cutting-edge capabilities.

The user’s text messages and phone calls, both received and made, may be tracked.

Who wouldn’t want to track the whereabouts of their children when they are out? XNSPY has a GPS tracker that may help you find a misplaced or stolen phone, easing the minds of worried parents everywhere.

Innovations in Whatsapp monitoring and WiFi records show how far XNSPY has come.


Spyic is a service that can help you find out your child’s Instagram password.

You can stop worrying about your kids’ safety on the internet because of the fantastic Instagram stalker app from Spyic.

Whilst Spyic’s feature set is limited, the options it does provide are top-notch.

Youth use of social media platforms is not limited to Instagram. They also continue to share content on other social media platforms.

Spyic can assist you in keeping tabs on these programmes as well. You may see the direct messages of your children and observe what type of chats they are having.

This Instagram story stalker is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android 4 and above smartphones, as can be seen from the compatibility chart.

This programme may assist you in making use of the Instagram spying functions without necessitating the jailbreaking of the phone.

For someone who wants to spy on many devices, Spyic’s price tag might add up quickly.


Cocospy is a great insta stalker software for parental monitoring since it is simple to set up and utilise.

Cocospy’s efficiency as an Instagram stalker has been lauded by a sizable number of users from all over the world.

The Instagram user will be completely unaware that this tracking software is installed on their smartphone.

See the user’s Instagram feed and all of its associated data through a complete dashboard.

Cocospy makes it easy to look into the target user’s Instagram activity, phone logs, and DM discussions.

The coolest part about an Instagram story stalker-like Cocospy is its tracking of position using GPS technology or SIM card.