Recently Instagram has launched the Instagram Reels feature that lets the users make short videos just like the social media application TikTok and add sounds and other imaginative to their videos just like the TikTok platform. 

There are more differences between the 2 social media platforms. TikTok allows you to make the sixty-second video, but Instagram reels allow you to make fifteen-second videos. With so many various functionalities in the same and the one platform, Instagram is a little bit more cluttered. TikTok app provides an easy platform, less fussy, creative, imaginative and simpler for finding and sharing videos. 

Instagram Reels have more common things with TikTok, even though they have differences. They both let the users make enjoyable videos. Users can make dress changes, lip sync videos, dance videos, and any other concepts.

Not only that, but users can even make videos in speed motion and slow motion, and adding the Augumented Reality effects just like you used on the TikTok application. 

 These common things between the two social media applications will provide you a big opportunity for many business and brand owners to raise their reach to their target audiences. You are easily able to get more views for your Reels by buying Instagram Reels views from us. 


Instagram Reels features let you make and find entertaining and small videos on Instagram. These small and entertaining videos are generally not more than fifteen seconds duration, and Instagram supplies numerous effects, types of audio, and other AR effects to make them more fun for the audiences.

These Reels videos are shown on Instagram’s Explore Page. Reels can be discovered in 4 different methods, they are:

Reels will display in your feed created by the person that you have followed on Instagram.

Click on any type of hashtags used in the Instagram Reels to help you find Reels.

Searching for the songs which have been in the Reels videos will also display that Reels in your Instagram’s search Result.

The Explore page of Instagram displays you different trending and popular Reels, and you can easily swipe through those Reels to discover more Reels.


The Instagram Reels creating ways is straightforward and very easy. You will find the experiences pretty same if you have used a TikTok application ever in your life. You will notice an option for the Instagram reels feature when you click on the Instagram camera. Now itself you can add sounds and any other effects. You can record the video with your own audio and then upload it if you want to use your own original sounds. Post it finally and share it with your audiences.

A  greater opportunity will give you the biggest audience base to reach a bigger audience base. Gen Z formed the main user base on TikTok, which remains as a most popular social media platform for them even more than Facebook and Instagram.

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