Instagram Reels has been entertaining and funny. Instagram likes video content; it is not a big surprise because there is numerous research on that. However, after the social media platform, TikTok became a significant new trend, not just for Gen z and millennials but also for the companies and business owners who incorporated it into their marketing strategy. The Instagram application came up with the concept “Reels,” which is quite similar to the most significant social media application TikTok. Reels is an in-built Instagram feature. 


Reels are the latest video format on Instagram. With Instagram Reels, you can make short, engaging, and fun videos in fifteen to thirty seconds. You can film it, edit it, add text overlay, add music and it will be shared in your Explore page, feed, or story. Currently, Instagram is adopting the latest layout where instead of the regular “plus button for adding new posts,” is a Reels button that shows your Reels videos of other users. These can be trending ones, popular ones, and your friends. As an owner of the business, you can use the reels feature for sharing inspiration, helpful tips, or educational videos. Reels are a great way to showcasing various sides of you.  It is juicy, it is valuable, and you can also get your point across in an additional creative way.

To make your Reels, first, you have to go to the story icon in the top left corner of your main page, just as you would do when creating a story. There are 2 different layouts that you might now see, based on whether you have a new or casual design. Either way, at the screen’s foot, you will see the options saying post with the new layout, Live, Reels, and Story. Buy Instagram Reels comments for more significant exposure. 

You will see various icons on the left side when you go to Reels:

LENGTH: this option will help you to select how long you want your Reels video to be. Either you can decide between fifteen or thirty seconds. When you press the “length’ icon automatically, it will switch to the other one. 

AUDIO: select your favorite music from the music library and add music to your Reels videos, or you can also use your own audio to your videos

SPEED: select your video’s pace by pressing on a play icon. You can choose between timelapse or slow motion.  Select which speed option will work better for your video.

AUGUMENTED REALITY FILTERS: you can choose from many filters by tapping on the face icon.

COUNTDOWN AND TIMER: if you want to record a hand-free video, set up your countdown. The countdown will start once you tap the record button.  

You can start to record your Reels once you are familiar with all the above icons. Reels is all about filming a sequence of clips that will make a 1 full video. You can either upload it from your mobile device or record it from scratch.

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