Use These 6 Instagram Tricks To Skyrocket Your Followers’ Engagement And Engagement Rates

If you aren’t using Instagram to promote your business, you’re leaving money on the table. Due to its high engagement rate, Instagram is able to reach its massive user base of over a billion people more effectively than competing platforms.

As such, I’ve included some of the most effective growth hacks I’ve discovered while using Instagram for my own purposes. Use them for instant interest, site visits, and purchases.

Priority No. 1: Make more videos

Instagram images and carousel posts still get a lot of likes and comments, but if you want to be noticed, you need to start making videos. Because this study shows that videos get the most likes and comments on Instagram.

Instagram is beginning to obfuscate likes, so other metrics, such as views and comments, will be used to rapidly assess your account’s credibility. Making additional videos is a great way to swiftly increase your account’s size and credibility.

Secondly, implement influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a great strategy for rapidly expanding your Instagram following. In this strategy, you contact an Instagram user with a large following and urge them to promote your page or product. Some will do it without charge, while others would base their fee on the size of their subscriber base.

Get them to post a snapshot of your goods on social media and include your handle in the caption for maximum return on investment. Get more exposure and sales with Instagram using this.

Be careful to only contact appropriate influencers, and check their Instagram profiles for real activity and followers before reaching out to them. Since many accounts have phoney fans.

Third, create shoppable blog entries

Instagram’s lack of link sharing is a major drawback for commercial accounts. When promoting a product in your Instagram feed, it is common practise to include a link to the product in your bio URL and direct your followers to your profile page to make the purchase.

This function Object() { [native code] } is compatible with Instagram, so users may tag goods in their pictures. To make use of this function, you will need to use a shop builder, such as Shopify, that supports this type of integration.

Having more room in your Instagram bio is another perk of using shoppable photos. Moreover, you may direct traffic to a sales or lead-generation landing page. Use a programme like Split if you want professional results. Make a landing page for Instagram by clicking here.

To advertise, number four

Advertising is another quick-win method for expanding your Instagram following. Advertising, like influencer marketing, may increase site visitors and ultimately, revenue. Trying out both options to determine which one provides the most return is something I highly suggest. The most successful option can then receive increased funding.

Influencer marketing and retargeting advertisements can work together to boost performance.

Fifth, use the odour of a successful transaction to boost revenue.

Conversion smell is a powerful tool that should be used in conjunction with any marketing strategy. Due to its possibility of increasing your sales. Check out the clip below to learn more about conversion fragrance…

Rand Fishkin defines “conversion smell” as the connection between an advertisement and the destination webpage. It is more probable that customers will make a purchase if the ad and landing page look and feel consistent. People are more likely to click on an ad if they recognise the landing page.

Their logo is identical to the one used on their website. As a result of this emblem, their supporters may easily identify them. In addition, it will be prominently displayed on their website, making visitors feel more at ease.

Using a consistent typeface and writing style throughout all of your online platforms, including Instagram, is another way to increase conversion rates.

Highlights of the tale should not be forgotten, as suggested in suggestion #6.

In order to maximise the potential of your Instagram bio, using story highlights is another effective Instagram growth hack. With Highlights, you can feature your Instagram Stories at the very top of your profile. Considering the maximum length of an Instagram bio is 150 characters, this is a useful tool.

You should add to your highlights the information you were unable to provide there. In this approach, you may provide your audience a deeper look into who you are, what you sell, who buys it, and so on.

You can see that they put a lot of emphasis on things like lists of ingredients, lists of places where you can buy their products, lists of discounts, etc. And they all come with nice symbols.


Here are the six most effective Instagram promotion strategies, according to me. Utilize them now to rapidly increase your number of followers, website visitors, and engagement/sales.