Five Free Instagram Analytics Tools

It is important to keep up with Instagram Analytics regardless of the marketing tool or platform you are utilising. Additionally, analytics aids in fortifying the current techniques, and you learn how to arrange things in an effective manner. Use the free versions of IGTools and metrics to get the most out of your Instagram stats.

Analysis of Instagram Posts

If you want to boost your content’s impact, Instagram Analytics is a great choice because it allows you to monitor metrics like post engagement and audience growth across Instagram and Instagram Stories. With this app, you may track articles over the next three months.

Best Time to Post is another useful function of this programme that increases your content’s reach by posting at times when your target audience is most likely to be online. This resource is hosted on a Later dashboard, so you can use analytics data to inform your strategy as you create content and curate your feed. Finding reliable sources that sell authentic Instagram likes is essential.


From the campaign, event, or branded hashtag, Keyhole can get in-depth information on how Instagram users reacted to the hashtag. Keyhole makes it simple to monitor anywhere from twenty-five to a hundred distinct hashtags at once.

Real-time data, such as the number of times and locations where the hashtag has been used, may be found by keeping tabs on it. In addition, you may use a free hashtag monitoring tool to learn about the campaign’s success or failure.


It’s an all-in-one service for Instagram’s social media promotion needs. Schedule fresh content and plan ahead with the aid of Iconosquare. In addition, you may monitor statistics and public sentiment concerning your sector.

You’ll also learn how well Instagram Stories are doing and how many people saw and interacted with your post. Marketing professionals may easily gauge how they stack up against the competition by using the tool’s hashtag and competitor monitoring features.

For around two weeks, you may use Instagram Audit without paying a dime.

Analytics for Instagram

You may acquire some of the most trustworthy metrics and in-depth understanding of your company’ Instagram account with this service. You may view fundamental metrics like conversions, profile views, and post counts through the concepts.

Instagram Stories, website clicks, reach, and demographic data (gender, geography, peak activity hours) are additional ways to gain insight into your audience and improve your strategy.

Instagram bio links are great for increasing click-through rates to your site or product pages. This resource will assist your followers learn more about your business and the services you offer.

Boost your Instagram metrics and your account’s success with these free IGTools.