IGTV Guide – Everything You Should Know About This New Fantastic Instagram Feature

What Is IGTV? 

Just like the name says, it is the Instagram TV is the modern form of a feature in which you can easily watch your favorite channel in your cell phones. It doesn’t copy the same tradition as the television; it is just like the YouTube rival. If you notice, then you find the TV on the right side of the top when you click on the search button on the page of Instagram. It allows you to add a long video in it even that is of 10 minutes or more.

Its Main Motive

If you add any video on it, then the main motive is to more likes or views. Sometimes to buy IGTV likes some of the people have to say it to their friends or known person. In all, it’s processing, your followers, or following matters the most. In the other case, if you simply post the video on your page, then you only able to upload the video of one minute only. It is only possible to upload the video that should be in your phone gallery. There are also options to continue watching the video that also makes more likes and views.

Make Your Own IGTV Channel

It is not a difficult task to make own channel. To make your own name or content or to upload your daily videos, then you must have a channel with you.

Go to IGTV, click on the gear sign that you have seen on the right side on the top of your channel. After that, you have to make a click on create your channel then go to advance by which you get ready to use your own channel. There are many people that make many types of video to give a good moral to the society, but due to not getting the right platform, they don’t show their talent. By the IGTV channel, one can make an easy content of its own.

Kind Of Videos On IGTV Platform

To upload the video, your video must have a content of 15 seconds, but this can only last long for one hour. There are many people that upload their video that is of 1 hour. Most people prefer to upload his video i.e., of 10 minutes in which they can give the right message that lasts long for high time.