How to Find Your Ideal Instagram Followers by Using Hashtags?

The days of ignoring social media as a marketing tool are long gone; every smart business owner knows this. Yes, if you want to reach a wider demographic and attract more clients, you should focus on growing your social media following first. Moreover, you should prioritise growing your Instagram following because each of your posts there generates 58 times as much interaction as it does on Facebook.

You’ve undoubtedly already experimented with newer Instagram features like Reels and Layout Mode, but you may have missed out on some previously released tools that might help you expand your following. Instagram has a tool called the “Nametag” that is useful for this.

Why Does Your Brand Need Instagram Nametags And What Are They?

In order to quickly become your follower on Instagram, you may create a custom nametag. You might think of it as an Instagram equivalent of a QR code.

Since your username may be easily found with a simple search, you may assume this service is very pointless. However, not everyone can or even wants to put in that much effort. Complicated spellings, abbreviations, underscores, and the like might also make this basic chore difficult. That may even drive away potential supporters.

A simple Instagram nametag is the answer to all of your problems. Having one implies you are helping to streamline the process by which others may find and connect with you. It could be what finally pushes you over the edge into the thousands of followers’ club.

Graphic Analysis Of Instagram

Take a look at these numbers before we get any deeper into Instagram Nametags:

In the United States, 71% of companies report using Instagram, with 80% ranking interaction as the platform’s most crucial statistic.

Half of Instagram users follow a brand.

The average percentage of people that interact with a post is 4.3%, according to the study. For every 100 likes or comments you receive, you require over 2,325 followers.

Instagram is a great place for people to learn about new items, with 60% of users doing so.

The majority of Instagram’s active users (71%) are under the age of 35.

Businesses account for a third of the top Stories.

How To Use Your Instagram Hashtag To Gain Followers?

These results highlight the significance of attracting as many Instagram followers as possible. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your Instagram handle in this regard.

Print Your Instagram Hashtag On The Internet

For this very reason, your Nametag includes a share button (the up-pointing arrow in the top right corner). Send it to everyone in your phone’s address book and, of course, post it wherever you frequent online. It may be incorporated into a website when it is still in the development stages. You may update your display by swapping out the handle if you already own one. 

Consider using your nametag in the chatbot’s initial answer to pique interest in your Instagram account from those who are already considering engaging with your company. You should take advantage of every chance someone has to see and digitally scan your nametag.

Showcase It At Parties And Business Conventions

To what extent do you partake in marketplaces such as bazaars and trade fairs? Maybe you’re also a regular workshop leader or conference participant. Put your Instagram Nametag on full show at each event you attend where it is possible to do so. In the role of host, you may choose to place a printed card standee at each guest place setting. You should get a poster made with your nametag and hang it prominently at your booth.

Another wonderful option is to provide a bonus for those who scan your account and decide to follow you. Pens, discount vouchers, or tasty sweets are all great ideas.

Prepare it on your phone in advance

It might serve as both a background image and a screensaver. Whatever method you choose, just keep it handy in case someone offers to scan it and follow your Instagram account. You never know who you could meet while out and about, so don’t ruin the chance by making a stranger scribble down your handle while you correct their spelling.

Take Off Some Class

DO YOU Offer Free Samples or Other Promotional Materials? Remember to get your Instagram handle imprinted on all of your gear, from tees and water bottles to totes and backpacks. It’s also a good idea to include a little card with a quick guide on how to use that nametag for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Focus On Getting It Noticed In Your Shop

You should prominently place Instagram nametags all throughout your physical business if you have one. Stickers with the information can be placed on display shelves or a card can be kept on hand at the register. Those already interested in your store’s offerings may be easier to persuade to become followers. Both year-round and occasional customers would be interested in hearing about your sales and new releases, so it makes sense that they would follow you on social media.

Some Concluding Remarks

Using the Instagram nametag is a quick and straightforward technique to attract new, compatible followers. Obviously, you need to be shrewd about where you put your nametag. For this purpose, a modest business card would be ideal, but a giant billboard (which is typically great for publicity) would not. If you’re going to put your nametag, make sure it’s in a place where others can see it and, more crucially, scan it.