How To Drive Website Traffic Using Instagram In 2022

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Instagram is a top trending social media platform with 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily active users. More than 25 million marketers use Instagram to promote their products or services. Moreover, 81% of Instagram users use this platform to search for new products or brands. So if you are a small business, Instagram is the perfect place to start your marketing strategy.  

Driving more traffic for your website from Instagram is one of the successful marketing tactics for your brand or business. Simply creating and posting videos will not be enough to increase traffic and reach. Use the right Instagram strategy to send clicks for your target website, product page, or blog post. 

Are you ready to boost your website traffic? Here are the engaging tips to increase visits for your website through Instagram.

Tip 1: Use Link In Bio

Adding a link in your Instagram bio is the perfect way to drive traffic outside Instagram. To capitalize on this feature, use “link in bio” to add multiple links to your bio. Providing a link on the Instagram bio is essentially a call to action that promotes you to gain valuable information outside Instagram. 

Additionally, Instagram gifted two great features: a linkable profile and hashtags in your bio. Now, use this feature to add a link that connects your website. If you are a business or marketer, include a link in your bio to drive more traffic and sales through Instagram.

Tip 2: Add Link Stickers In Stories

Using link stickers in Instagram stories is the best tactic for driving website traffic. If you have a business account, you can share links to any of your Instagram stories. Adding link stickers in stories is the best way to boost link clicks and get more traffic for your website.

Share an attractive brand picture and add a link to your product page in your IG stories. Create compelling content and encourage your audience to engage with it to drive more traffic and sales to your website. 

Tip 3: IGTV Post Must Be Linked

Since the IGTV feature came into existence in 2018, it has been a very popular feature among businesses and brands. However, one of the exciting facts about IGTV is that you could include a clickable link to your Instagram TV description box. So, creating a catchy title and keyword-rich description on captions strengthen your content visibility and provide you a greater chance to buy real IGTV views for extending your growth to the next level. So with higher engagement on IGTV, it attracts new audiences to your channel and improves your website traffic.  

Are you thinking about how to add a link to IGTV? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app, then press the IGTV button.

Step 2: Then click + sign at the top right corner of the Instagram screen

Step 3: Next, select your video, which must be at least one minute long

Step 4: Choose the cover photo and click next

Step 5: Next, fill title and add a link to your description box

Step 6: Finally, click post

However, posting IGTV videos with links can go a long way and drive more sales and traffic to your website. 

Tip 4: Add Action Button To Your Profile

Profile buttons are one of the easiest ways to maximize your website traffic on Instagram. The CTA button benefits businesses and brands to connect wider audiences on the platform with a single click. Adding an action button to your Instagram profile is an interactive way to engage with your potential audience. 

Adding an action button drives conversion and traffic to your target website directly from Instagram. If you want to add your action button, tap edit profile and click buttons. You can select Book Now, Order Now, or Reserve.


More than 50% of businesses choose Instagram to implement a successful marketing strategy to grow their brand reach. If you are a small business and new to the Instagram platform, you should study the platform and understand how it works for your brands. 

Analyze your competitor and create content related to your industry to boost new followers to your profile and drive more traffic and sales to your target website. Follow the above four tips to generate sales and traffic through Instagram and skyrocket your business reach.