How To Create Powerful Instagram Hashtag Strategy?

Hashtags will remain one of the most effective ways to get exposure (and interaction) with your Instagram post in 2023.

However, how do you go about creating a successful hashtag strategy?

To assist you successfully use hashtags into your Instagram marketing plan, we’ve compiled a list of eight expert recommendations.

Why is it crucial to have an Instagram hashtag strategy?

The strategic and planned use of hashtags on Instagram is an Instagram hashtag strategy.

Instagram’s hashtags allow you to sort your photographs into relevant collections. Using relevant hashtags also helps Instagram show your photos to the right people. You may increase the visibility of your Instagram material (carousels, Reels, videos, and still photographs) in search and on the Instagram Explore page by strategically using hashtags.
You may reach more relevant individuals by developing a hashtag strategy to promote your Instagram posts. In addition, UGC campaigns and content evaluation and reuse may be facilitated by the creation of branded hashtags.

Hashtags on Instagram may be used in countless ways, making them an essential part of any social media marketing plan.

Seven best practises for creating a winning Instagram hashtag campaign

Understanding your target market’s needs is the first step in developing a winning plan. And using hashtags is no different. After all, you shouldn’t waste time with hashtags that have little relevance to your intended audience.

To do this, you’ll need to go into the Instagram app, researching the most popular hashtags associated with your field, and checking out the hashtags used by competitors and contemporaries.

Determine the topics and interests of your target audience, then use that knowledge to add relevant hashtags.

Research trending hash tags that describe your product

Identifying brand-appropriate hashtags is the next stage in developing a successful Instagram hashtag strategy. Investigate the hashtags that are being used by prominent figures and companies in your field.

Your Instagram posts will appear in people’s search results when they use a hashtag or key phrase linked to your post or your company. It’s a great method for reaching your target audience with your content.

When you start typing a hashtag into Instagram’s caption editor, you’ll see a suggestion box appear with the number of posts that have previously been published using that hashtag. That’s a useful strategy for finding the Instagram hashtags that are attracting the most content and users.

Do your homework before using a hashtag

You should check to see who else is using a hashtag on Instagram and what kind of content they are creating before you start using it yourself.

If a popular blogger or corporation is already using it, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect for what you’re writing about.

You can verify that you’re utilising the best hashtags for your business or content by searching Instagram for that term and perusing the results.

Mix widely-used and more specific hashtags

Instagram suggests mixing popular and unique hashtags to reach a wide variety of people.

Since so many accounts are using the same popular hashtags, it may be simpler to rank on less-used, more specialised hashtags.

To maximise exposure and attract your targeted audience, you should sprinkle your Instagram photos with a variety of strategically placed hashtags.

Make use of hashtags suited to the time of year

Your Instagram hashtag strategy must include time-sensitive content if you want to be successful on the platform.

To keep your posts relevant and easily searchable in spite of the cyclical nature of the content they include, use hashtags that correspond to the year, season, month, week, day, holiday, or events in your industry.

That means you should look for trending holiday and calendar event hashtags and include them into your seasonal postings.

Use an appropriate amount of hashtags

It’s tempting to keep adding hashtags in the hopes that more people will find and interact with your post. You’re allowed to use up to 30 hashtags in a single post, but if they aren’t specifically related to the subject matter, you’re better off not using them at all.

Additionally, Instagram’s recommendations on the optimal number of hashtags per post have shifted as of late. Instagram advises utilising no more than three to five well chosen hashtags that are directly related to your post’s theme.

By focusing on a smaller subset of potential clients, you may build a more engaged following with the aid of niche, unique hashtags.

Make your own collections of hashtags

Looking to shorten the process of making an Instagram post? Introduce yourself to Plann’s helpful hashtag sets function. You can quickly store and use curated hashtag groups on posts in Plann by uploading and storing as many hashtags sets as you like.

In addition, Plann will include these hashtags in the initial remark on your post, and you can easily add them to the caption.

To make it even easier for you to capitalise on seasonal and hot subjects, we provide daily pre-made hashtags. Plann also includes analytics for your hashtags, so you can discover which ones are most effective for your business.

Evaluate your hashtag’s performance and adjust your approach accordingly

Finally, the key to a successful Instagram hashtag strategy is experimentation! The best strategies are those that have been tried, measured, and improved upon. Stop using the same same excuses. You can determine which hashtags are most effective by analysing the metrics of your most popular posts on Instagram.

Keep tabs on your data to see which hashtags are working so you can use them again. You can gauge the success of your hashtag campaign by monitoring the level of engagement it generates and making any necessary adjustments to your strategy as a result.