5 Direct Ways To Improve Twitter Presence

Twitter boasts more than 400 million unique active users and you need to identify the right percentage of audience who are in the same niche and those who do not belong to your niche but are interested in your content. The article explains how to boost your Twitter presence and increase the number of followers

Connect and Follow Influencers

All Influencers might not follow you. But following most influencers who match your industry can take you to a good position in Twitter. It is quite easy to get the attention of Influencers by engaging with their tweets, replying to their tweets and by retweeting content that they shared.

Don’t Tweet Off Your Topics

Always remember to tweet in topics that fall under your area of expertise. It doesn’t mean that you have stay in a much closed circle, but at the same time you should not completely diverge from topics related to your industry. Undoubtedly, people can very well make out when you tweet content on a topic that you are not an expert on. Such content does not get more attention and likes. This makes it obvious that you can get more attention for content that you are well versed in. Sometimes even your  most excellent tweets might not get enough recognition. If this is the case, buy Twitter likes for those tweets to get the engagement rate that you aimed at.  

Optimize The Share Button

It is time to add a “tweet” button in your website if you don’t have a one that is clearly visible to the users in the header, 

footer or in the sidebar. Then optimize your button to include your Twitter 

handle. This is a great way to earn mentions whenever someone tweets your content.

Schedule Your Tweets

There are several scheduling tools available in the market which you can use for batch-scheduling 

your tweets so that you can make your audience who are so thorough in your posting times and hence get constant engagement.

Write a good bio

Only limited characters can be included in the bio and so you need to have a clear idea of what to include in the bio. Focus to handcraft a bio that encapuslates all necessary details such as website address, what your business is about. Be sure to create  a bio that highlights the positives of your business. 

No one can deny that time spent on Twitter is time spent for some good marketing effort. All social media channels strive to do their better jobs, be it a B2B business or your new job search. However identifying and executing the right Twitter marketing strateg can boost your Twitter presence.